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Thurlby Community Primary Academy Nursery Consultation Proposal

In order to provide parity and quality provision across our Trust, the Local Governing Board of Thurlby Community Primary Academy and the Trustees of Keystone Academy Trust are consulting with you on the proposal to lower the admissions age of the academy. This will enable us to have a nursery on our school site. This proposal will ensure a consistent approach to learning for our youngest children and enable us to meet some of the needs of the local community in relation to Early Years educational provision. From research carried out, we believe our nursery would help provide families with the hours they need and having one drop-off point, for some families, would be invaluable.

The Thurlby Community Primary Academy Nursery Consultation Proposal –

  • To open a small nursery unit on the Thurlby Community Primary Academy site
  • To lower the age range of Thurlby Academy from 4 to 11 years to 3 to 11 years, from September 2022, to ensure the school meets the needs of local families

We believe that transferring to a school that children are already familiar with, feel secure and happy in as well as the adults being fully aware of the needs of each child entering our school, can only be beneficial to children and provide them with the best quality start to their primary school years.

The proposed nursery would be situated in a newly built classroom at the front of the school (this would be subject to planning permission). It would be a small nursery unit with a maximum capacity of 26 children per session. We appreciate many families with and without children, our neighbours, local residents and current Early Years providers will have a number of questions. Mrs Finch (Head of School) and Mrs Joyce (Executive Headteacher) together with the Steering Group and Governors, have put together a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) information sheet which we hope may answer some of your initial queries. To access this sheet, please click on the link at the bottom of this page.

What are the next stages in the process?

There are two sections to this consultation that we would like your opinion on:

1. Your response to the proposed nursery and the lowering of the school age range from 3 to 11 (from 4 to 11 currently) – You can give your feedback at the beginning of the questionnaire (via Google Forms)

2. A questionnaire (Google Forms) specifically about the nursery provision and if/how it would benefit you.

Responses will be received throughout the consultation period of four weeks. This is from 25/2/2022 to 25/3/2022. Results will then be analysed and we will publish the outcome on the school website.

How can I respond to this consultation?

Please complete the Consultation Feedback Form and Questionnaire (link below) and submit it to the school. Alternatively, please email the school at:

Many thanks.