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EYFS Lamb Visit

Published: 30th April 2024

On Tuesday, Jimmy's Mummy, Grandma and brother brought some lambs from their farm to visit us. We were lucky enough to meet an ewe and her twin 1 week-old lambs and two 3-week-old lambs who were being bottle fed. We stroked the lambs and watched them feeding from a bottle and their mummy.

The children asked really interesting questions "What do they eat? What do lambs do? When do they sleep? How old are they? What do they feel like?" We looked at different food they might eat, the lambs ate little pellets and the sheep ate bigger pellets. We looked at grass and straw and hay. Jimmy expertly explained what the seeds from dried grass did. When we got back to our class, we drew pictures of what we had seen.

We would like to thank Jimmy’s family for bringing along their ewe and lambs to school this week and for providing our children with such a wonderful learning opportunity.

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