Governors' Area


The role

  • to help foster a love of reading across the school
  • to think of creative ways to promote reading throughout the whole school community
  • to help make links with and promote local libraries, authors and illustrators
  • to help take care of and promote the use of the school and class libraries
  • to give pupils a voice to help them share ideas
  • to help plan, celebrate and participate in national reading themed days and events

News from Thurlby’s Reading Curriculum Ambassadors!

Thurlby has four new reading curriculum ambassadors, and they are very keen to start their new role to promote and support reading across the school. The children have been busy and have already delivered an assembly to the whole school!

During their first meeting, one of the points the ambassadors discussed was their love of our local libraries and how they would like all Thurlby children to be involved in these wonderful places.

The ambassadors would like to encourage all children (and grownups!) to make use of the huge selection of books available at the library. Books from all over Lincolnshire County can be reserved and collected from our local libraries easily using an app on your phone.

This term, Miss Bright has reserved and collected all the fascinating books below from Deeping library. The books have been shared with Year 2 and other children across the school.

The steps below show how quickly you can reserve and renew books for your child. Children can then read more work from authors and genres they have been inspired by when reading at school.

If you don’t already have a free library card, you can sign up here: Join a library – Lincolnshire County Council.

After you’ve downloaded the app:

  1. Use the search tool to find any author or book title.
  2. Select the book you would like to borrow.
  3. Place it on hold at the library you would like to collect it from.
  4. Wait for an email to say when the books are ready to collect.
  5. Repeat – you can borrow up to 30 books at once! You will be able to keep the book for three weeks and use the app to renew it if you haven’t finished reading it.