Governors' Area

House Captains

Pupils in Year 6 can apply to become House Captains. This entails a selection process, mirroring our ‘British Value’ of democracy by presenting a speech to the members of their house in other year groups followed by their vote for 2 favoured candidates.  Once elected by members of their house, they serve for the academic year.

Our House Captains are pupils who demonstrate great teamwork, leadership skills and resilience. They represent respectively each of the four Houses.  They carry out several roles in school but must always demonstrate the following characteristics in all they undertake:

  • Polite and well-mannered.
  • Organised and committed.
  • Confident speakers.
  • Well-presented in uniform and appearance.
  • Able to liaise and converse with staff, peers, and the wider community.
  • Desire to act responsibly and to be a role model for other students.

They will fulfil the following duties:

  • Lead and support the children of their Houses in a variety of House competitions and whole school events.
  • Support the sports events such as Sports Day.
  • Attend meetings as required with members of staff.
  • Inspire then children of their House with clear demonstration of the Thurlby Values.
  • Showing visitors around the School.
  • Helping to set up for events.