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What is SEND?

SEND is Special Educational Needs and Disability. A child with SEND is understood to have either a learning difficulty or a disability and the child requires special educational provision which is additional to and different from that generally made for other children of the same age within a mainstream school.

Mrs Taylor is our SENDCO and can be contacted at

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Place to Be
Some children may be especially vulnerable at this time of uncertainty. This may include (but is not limited to) children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), children who are ‘Looked After’ and children who are deemed to be Children in Need.  These children may need extra support to ensure that they maintain good levels of wellbeing. Julia Clements and Paula Nagel, Place2Be's Principal Educational Psychologists, suggest some ways to support children who may be especially vulnerable at this time.

Cats Corner
The Cats Corner website is focused on activities that parents/carers can easily do at home to support children to explore psycho-social-emotional subjects through creative activities; also giving parents 'permission' to take time to be playful with their chidlren rather than feeling caught up in the anxiety of the many varying demands on our time at the moment.