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Reception - Oliver's Vegetables

Published: 1st March 2024

As part of our topic on Being Healthy, Reception class have been reading Oliver's Vegetables. We have learnt about different vegetables and about how vegetables contain lots of goodness to keep your body healthy. We made observational drawings of different cabbages, used vegetables to print with and have had lots of fun experimenting with different soup recipes. The children developed their fine motor skills with cutting, chopping and peeling a variety of vegetables and used a soup maker to cook and blend the soup. At the end of the day we had a soup cafe where we tasted the soups and decided what flavours and textures we preferred. The most popular flavour was "Green soup" which contained leeks, potatoes, spinach, broccoli, onion and pepper mixed with a vegetable stock cube. The least popular was "Everyone's Spicy Soup" which they reflected had a bit too much black pepper as it made their tongues tingle! We were so impressed that everyone tried at least some of the soups that were packed with superpowered vegetables.

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