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Shakespeare for Schools - Romeo and Juliet

Published: 7th March 2023

Our children, and the children from Bourne Westfield, put on an incredible performance of Romeo and Juliet, at the Key Theatre, on Tuesday night. Mrs Finch and Miss Beavis were BEYOND PROUD of their confidence, bravery and theatrics! Their perseverance and commitment throughout the weeks, certainly paid off. The children worked brilliantly as a team and you would never have known that they were 2 separate schools. It is always challenging learning; Shakespearean language, the plot week by week, how to command the stage and always staying in character but they certainly took it all on board. It was wonderful to see their faces light up with happiness as they ran to the wings after the audience had cheered and clapped, with excitement, through their first dance. The Shakespeare for Schools Actors commented that it was THE BEST PRIMARY SCHOOL PERFORMANCE THEY HAVE EVER WATCHED!

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