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Year 2 - Florence Nightingale

Published: 4th November 2022

As part of our history topic on Remembering Heroes and Celebrating Heroines, Year 2 travelled back in time to find out why Florence Nightingale is remembered. We started the session with an audio experience which immersed us into the experience as we acted out Florenceā€™s life and discovered why she wanted to be a nurse before travelling by ship to Scutari Hospital. Our classroom was then transformed into a disorganised and unhygienic hospital ward and the children worked together to sort the washing, tidy the beds, clean the floors and remove all the vermin.  Our medics wrote lists of all the jobs that needed to be done and all the supplies that were required and then we did some medical training. We finished our session by practising our new bandaging skills and fortunately all of the wounded soldiers made a swift recovery.

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